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A'o 'Ukulele


Aʻo (for various subjects, see Haw.-Eng. entry and entries that follow it); hoʻopaʻa, ʻimi naʻauao. To learn quickly, ʻaʻapo. To learn slowly, aʻo pupū. (translation,

A'o 'Ukulele, loosely translated, simply means to learn 'Ukulele. Learning how to play an instrument can be intimidating at first but the process of learning can be the most comforting. We meet people who are like minded, enjoy the same activity, and we find a new family that grows together. Learning to play the 'Ukulele is much more than repetitious practices, learning chords, and more than developing finger techniques. Learning is also a product of building relationships. I've learned that I learn more by participating with others than I do on my own. I have found over the years that there were times where I have retained much more of something I learned simply because it was tied to a memorable moment with family or friends. The take away is simply this, The best way to learn is together.

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