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Why The ‘Ukulele?

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George Harrison once said, “everybody should have and play a uke.” I could not agree more. My uke journey began in early 2020 when I stepped off the plane in Honolulu and headed straight to The ‘Ukulele Site in Haleiwa, Hawaii. Fast forward 4 hours later, I had purchased my first ‘ukulele (and yes, I totally blew my initial budget but that's another blog).

So, why the ‘ukulele? Here are my top 5 reasons of why I love the uke.


The uke is easy to pick up and play.

There are no worries in playing the ‘ukulele. Your playing does not need to be perfect to carry a tune. I also understand that it can be intimidating to learn a new instrument (at any age) but what if I told you that you could be playing your first song within 3 minutes of picking up the uke (with some simple instruction)?

‘Ukuleles are universal and versatile.

While the ‘ukulele is a uniquely Hawaiian instrument, it can be found worldwide. This is another reason to play. No matter what language you speak or genre of music you listen to, it can be translated on the uke.

Music is therapeutic, improves mental health, and can reduce stress.

We all know what a doozy of a year 2020 was and how stressful it was to so many people. According to Harvard Medical School, music reduces stress and can change emotion in the most difficult of circumstances.

The uke community is amazing and so easy to find.

Even during a major pandemic, your uke family is right at your fingertips. Check out your favorite social media platform and you will find uke communities from all around the world, and players of all levels, sharing their skills. They are kind, supportive, and encouraging.

Pictured above from left to right:

Yours truly, Larry Santos from 'Ukulele Project Hawai'i,

JJ Milare, Beejay Crisostomo, visiting luthier from UK-based Koa Guitar Sets,

and Corey Fujimoto from aNueNue USA

‘Ukuleles are easy to find and buy.

A decent, beginner uke can be purchased at any local instrument store. Don’t have a music store nearby? You can definitely find a decent uke online. Don’t know which uke to buy? Did I mention how helpful the uke communities are? Many players are happy to give their input of ‘ukuleles based on their experiences. Some brands I have seen beginner players start with are KoAloha (KoAlana series), Leolani, Ohana, and Flight. There are also different sizes of ‘ukuleles, which I will talk about in my next blog. Until then, happy strumming!


Are you currently playing the 'ukulele? What was your top reason for wanting to learn and play? Please feel free to comment below and leave your thoughts.

One of my happy places on Oahu.

To read more about Harvard's findings, check out the article at:

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Robbie MacMillan
Robbie MacMillan
Feb 06, 2021

I started playing ukulele in 2020. I've always admired the instrument, Hawaiian music, and thought about buying one for some time. It took a global pandemic and lockdown boredom to push me over the edge. I ordered a very nice KoAloha from The Ukulele Site. Since the day I got it, I haven't had one day pass without my playing my ukulele. I love it so much, and everyone else loves it too. The ukulele brings happiness from anyone who plays it, hears it, or thinks of the four-stringed marvel.

Jen Negrete
Jen Negrete
Feb 24, 2021
Replying to

100% agree! Thank you for sharing your story. The team at 'Ukulele Site are amazing. What size did you select?

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