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Jonah Davis is a Ukulele & Guitar Instructor at Na Maka ‘O Pu’uwai Aloha, owner of A’o Ukulele Productions, and currently serves as the Vice President of the 'Ukulele Guild Of Hawai'i. With more than 12 years of teaching experience, Jonah can be found teaching ukulele weekly at Na Maka ‘O Pu’uwai Aloha located in Waipio on the Island of Oahu, Hawai’i or teaching online on his various media platforms, and at various locations around Hawai'i and abroad.  Over the years Jonah has had the privilege of teaching ukulele to people locally and from around the world. Having taught ukulele in public schools, in College Foreign Exchange Programs, in hotels as a part of the Hawaiian Activities Departments, at the KoAloha Ukulele Factory to the many ukulele visitors, performers, and enthusiasts that visit, ukulele instructors and players from all parts of the globe, also with various local community programs and public events. Jonah enjoys sharing the ukulele with anyone who wants to learn. 


As a Hawaiian musician formerly of the band’s Ka’ena, Tropic50, and currently performing as a solo artist. Starting his music career with friends who would later become the band Ka’ena and with their self entitled album, produced their first hit called “You Say” in which Jonah co-wrote. The song went on to become an Island favorite along with a christian song called “He’s The Only Reason” which was also featured on the Ka’ena album.


In 2015 Jonah released an E.P. as one half of the duo Tropic50 and currently is working on a solo project that he hopes to release in the near future. Aside from being a musician and music teacher, Today, Jonah is also an Ordained Minister and has been privileged to have served in multiple ministries. Over the years he has enjoyed being able to serve people and making new friends along the way.

What are they saying?


"Jonah Davis is an incredible musician with an insane amount of talent!"

 - FAME Magazine Global

"Hi Jonah,

We Vancouverites really enjoyed your class.  We sent your info around to our uke friends. Normally, I would have been intimidated by F7 and Fdim7, but you made learning them feasible.  I also appreciated your tips on Bb and strumming.  You have a nice teaching style and great voice.  Thanks for a great experience."


Vancouver, Canada

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"Thank you for your wonderful lessons, they sure brighten my week during these days of Covid restrictions."


"Love your classes. I work in Education, have taught various things out of school, have studied many many many types of things too.

YOU are great--Patient, slow enough for us to grasp it yet there are ideas of how more advanced players can adapt it, great way of explaining thumb position, chords, finger position, etc, personable, warm, speak at a speed that is GREAT (some teachers speak so fast  & constant that you are exhausted after the zoom). Thank You!"


Vancouver, BC

Up on the roof top, part 1 ohana

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